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Aug 31

Design differences between information and music information systems

Aug 29

Your home / work environment's affect on you

Aug 28

Happy birthday David Czarnecki

Mars closest to Bay Area fog in 60,000 years

Aug 27

Document collaboration history flow

Aug 26

Current backblog, my backlog of blog post ideas

Computer virus field day in big companies

Monday = busy day for Jay

Aug 25

Good grief over escapes in XML

Aug 23

Article on RDF and Atom/N/Echo/Pie

Aug 22

Read "The Social Life of Paper"

Aug 21

A paradox of online information tools

Is there any way to install the Java JVM on NT without admin access?

Aug 20

Day three in a big company: life on the 13th floor

Test post from work via Jabber

Day two in a big company

Aug 18

Day one in a big company

Aug 17

Navigating through information crowds: the San Mateo County Fair, part 2

The grand unified theory of TRDBMS, OO, XML, RDF, client/server and the web: the San Mateo County Fair, part 1

Aug 15

Cory Doctorow on Trademarks

The fair and balanced nudes network

Aug 14

RDF, about recent documents found

Cocoon 2.1 download and full install = 250MB

Social networks got game

Aug 13

My new job title: Knowledge Consultant

An XML namespace illustration

Aug 12

Good summary perspectives on namespaces in XML

Aug 11

Fractal Model-View-Controller as the web

Schema (namespace) aggregation readers

Google buys Iceland / Australia gets drunk

Aug 10

Sunny Sunday afternoon in San Francisco

Aug 9

FOAF search engine!

Read the San Francisco Muni exposé

Aug 8

At Apogee, one of my all-time favorite albums, is now available

Good CSS image replacement article

Ask Lutz for unprofessional advice

Permalinks in the iCite net

Aug 7

Are RSS and Atom/N/Echo/Pie formats suffering too tightly coupled MVC?

RDF and XML like peanut butter and chocolate (or vice versa)

Aug 6

Building the iCNS prototype application, using Eclipse, probably JDBM

Aug 5

More or less than total information

Internet parody songs day

Aug 4

Checking out NewsMonster today

Aug 3

Semantic web 2003: not unlike making music on a TRS-80 in the 1970's

To X or not to X HTML, that could always be a fine question

Radha's three latest posts from Rwanda

Aug 1

San Francisco blog/atom/n/echo/pie dinner photos

Email-type addressing for microcontent relationship management

San Francisco blog/atom/n/echo/pie dinner

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