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the iCite net Status: . . . . . . . Hibernating . . . . . . .

Starting in April 2003, the iCite net was in development towards a prototype which was eventually going to be released—the plan was for a big release in 2003, actually. But, I must have made a wrong turn at Albuquerque, and the project never quite got back on track. In April 2006, the iCite net status was officially set to "hibernating".

Looking for Jay Fienberg?

Yes, this is one of Jay Fienberg's website's. There is even some info about Jay on this site. However, the best place to look for Jay is on the offical Jay Fienberg home page, which links to all of Jay's sites—some of which are likely to be more current than this one.

the iCite net:

It's really just a blog* now.

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