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Current backblog, my backlog of blog post ideas

posted: Aug 26, 2003 11:40:00 PM

I haven't had time to post a lot since starting my new job, so I have a backlog of things I am thinking about blogging. I thought maybe I made this up, turns out I didn't, but I am calling this my current backblog anyway.

So, when I get a chance, I think I will be backblogging about the following:

Feeds and subscriptions that ain't, about how RSS-type feeds are just documents and RSS-type subscriptions are just mechanical document requests. Feed vs document points-of-view and their influence on things like escaped markup. Ideas for the iCite net about more nuanced document requests that received more nuanced document responses.

Why we bloggers don't say we, about when we start to say "we" when we refer to organizations where we work, and whether or not there is actually a "we" there. How bloggers don't tend to assume the voice of "we" because of a strong individualistic idea of blogging, and will this ever fit into the organizations where we work.

Designing systems that don't lock you in, about watching systems crash or become outdated and not being able to move all of the data and operations into a new system. Design concepts in the iCite net for portable data and operators.

If email is dead, why are we still using it?, about why email addressing is positive and important, and about why some of the annoyances and liabilities of email will inevitably find ways to live on in new systems, even when they are designed to prevent these. Basic concepts for approaching these issues in the iCite net.

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