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the iCite net is presently was in development towards a prototype, implemented in Java and XML. the iCite net builds on many ideas, projects and standards, either directly or by way of inspiration (last updated, circa 2004):

Permanent web address services / schemes

Blogs (web logs) and personal voice / web identities / bodies

Online identity / information rights

RSS (RDF Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication) and variants

Service / Syndication discoverability

Directory formats and syndication

Blog universe views

Blog- and Blog-related APIs

TrackBack, BackLinks and variants

ThreadsML, threads description, threading module

Social Software, general

Web to physical world social software

Other web social fun

Rating and reputation systems and sites


Universal Personal Proxy / Personal Knowledge Manager

Semantic Web, general

Semantics and classification of links

Metadata and information / content classification

RDF (Resource Description Format) related

Other useful resources

Note: these related ideas, projects and standards are frequently mentioned and discussed in the iCite net development news / blog.