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the iCite net is presently was in development towards a prototype, implemented in Java and/or PHP and XML WTF. The prototype software initially was going to run on this site, and then be released here under open source license (through SourceForge).

The goal was to create prototype software / systems that make the iCite net possible, but also specifically allow and encourage others to develop equivalents in other programming languages and/or for integration with a potentially wide variety of technologies.

On this page (updated May 11, 2005):

Sub-projects of the iCite net

Because the iCite net prototype software encompasses a number of different components, when useful, these components will be released as their own sub-projects. Some sub-projects are being forked into applications that are "standalone" in the sense that they do useful things on their own, without any dependencies on the iCite net.

... WTF (Whoopdedoo Text Format)

WTF is a very simple data format that is easy to read, easy to write by hand, and easy to parse (for reading or writing) by machine. It might be thought of as an alternative to some uses of XML. But, there is so little to WTF that it is almost not right calling it a format—so be sure that's what you need!

WTF is used for both storage and data interchange in the LinkList for blojsom and will appear in kickitch and other parts of the iCite net.

The WTF parser code and WTF Textbase used in LL4blojsom is currently being refactored and will be released as a separate Java library. For info on the format, for now please see the WTF format description in the LL4blojsom documentation, and the WTF and attention.WTF posts on the development blog.

... kickitch

Kickitch is the code name for the first sub-project of the iCite net. Kickitch will be released under a different name (the real name is still top secret), and will have its own home page (which will be linked from here). Kickitch is a standalone, but the equivalent features in the iCite net are planned to be backwards compatible with kickitch.

... iPlayroogelati

iPlayroogelati is the code name for the second sub-project of the iCite net. iPlayroogelati will most likely be released under a different name (if we think of a real one, like iPlayroogelati is a standalone.

Sub-projects for blojsom

The blog engine that powers the iCite net development blog is the amazingly great blojsom, which is created and maintained by David Czarnecki. A number of the iCite net features can be used in / with / for blogs, and because blojsom is so well designed to support plugins and add-ons, blojsom-specific software figures prominently in initial releases of the iCite net prototype software projects.

... LinkList for blojsom

The LinkList for blojsom (LL4blojsom) is a blojsom plugin and set of blojsom templates useful for producing blogrolls and other lists (and lists of links) within blojsom blogs. LL4blojsom was created as part of the process of creating kickitch, to demonstrate some useful list sharing ideas of the iCite net, and to experiment with WTF.

LL4blojsom was a second place winner in the 2005 blojsom developers contest. Code is now available for download.

see also:

The development blog features additional info on the iCite net software

a note about blojsom:

blojsom is the great blog engine created by David Czarnecki, and is software developed completely independently / separately from the iCite net.

If you are looking for more information on blojsom, please visit the blojsom website or David's blog.

However, some of the iCite net software is designed to work specifically with / in blojsom, which is why it's listed on this page.