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PlaNetwork conference, Web Communities and Social Software, part 1

posted: Jun 7, 2003 1:52:21 PM

Blogging the PlaNetwork conference in San Francisco.

The presenter for this is Jan Hauser, who was one of the presenters and authors of the ASN paper. During the ASN presentation (which I blogged here), Jan had, what I thought, was the best line in that presentation:

someone needs to step in and advocate for the public in the consideration of a global online identity system

Has chart: The Future of Professional Guilds, by Cynthia Typaldos. Cynthia was supposed to do this presentation, but had to miss it due to personal circumstances. The slides are from Cynthia.

Jan was funded to do the research for the LinkTank, and Cynthia was one of the domain experts (in web community) that Jan worked with. She has been a major contributor of expertise to the ASN. She was the co-founder of GolfWeb, which is still successful.

Cynthia created a virtual organization, the Software Product Marketing eGroup that is run by volunteers with software / networking skills. Becoming a lifelong career progression site.

Jan is talking about social science and social networking theory. Mentioning that dogs are the thing people study to understand networks. Networking theory from the Santa Fe Research Institute, including research into agent based systems.

Valdis Kreb's models of the spread of infectuous diseases. Mentions Net Deva. Note: Some bad things are social networks too.

Talking about Cynthia's 12 Principles of Civilization.

Identity is fundamental to civilization. Talking by Reputation of books, updated hourly. Scandal of letting people buying higher reputation, which amazon then nixed.

Talking about GolfWeb. Cynthia is not a golfer at all, and that was an advantage. Being a domain expert within a community can lead to bringing prejudices to the design of the online community. GolfWeb identity and reputation system, based on golf games, scores, handicaps, etc.

What is Social Software? Cynthia found that there were 12,000 links online, of which 11,300 have been updated in the last year. 10,600 in the last three months. Books coming out, this is hitting a tipping point in just the last year.

How can the Internet enable natural social interactions. Social software is basically a new name for web communities.

Talking about Mark Granovetter's Strength of Weak Ties. Bridges between closest social structures that have strong ties. Second tier. Your weak ties are where your most leverage is (with getting a job, in Granovetter's work).

The Internet is the first medium to enable these ties. It could have been done with phones perhaps, but no one had access to the information.

Talking about ideas of the network, verses many networks. Metcalfe's law n2 value, and Reed's law 2n value. (This stuff is in the ASN whitepaper and is pretty interesting). Two different network classes.

Other non-Internet networks that work: phones, trains, pokemon.

Cynthia was working to create what she calls a community operation system: representing all the things in the 12 Principals. Still being built.

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