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PlaNetwork conference, Social Network Software 1 panel, part 3

posted: Jun 7, 2003 6:33:39 PM

Blogging the PlaNetwork conference in San Francisco.

Victor Grey is up now, talking about Friendly Favors, which he co-developed.

Talking about creativity and the experience of online community.

They created an online database for the State of the World Forum. Even though this organization no longer exists, the people connected with it are still connected through this online database. Turns out a lot of organizations want to use their online system, each with their own branding on top.

Some groups can contain their membership, and some can share them with other groups.

Added feature to system for event registration. (I think the point he is making with all of this is that the system was created to dynamically respond to the community, and as the community started to use it, they have extended it with more features. Things that were never part of the original plan have just happened.)

(Sergio Lub is up too, showing features on the Friendly Favors site.)

More communities want to become part of this online database so they can use these features.

Next creative leap was interacting with the LinkTank, who critiqued lack of identity access control. So, they added a whole permissions module.

Next leap was opportunity to expose API to other sites. So, has become an identity database that can be used in a social network. Now, another site's bulletin board with a rating system is using this same online database for identities. This allowed the other site to not have to develop its own authentication system. They now have four different sites using it.

Mentioning that one of the values is that they keep bringing more users in. Like when Doug Engelbart was focused on bringing people into the ARPANET.

Favors is working with other groups who have similar goals towards a better civil society, and they are working out how to share profiles with each other.

Looking for ways to share features and expand capability of system. Presentation over, people applauding.

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