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More XML Query / Database wonderings

posted: Jun 17, 2003 6:24:05 PM

As I mentioned in my last post, I have various wonderings about XML / XSLT / XPath / XQuery. So, I am tooling around the web, looking for clues.

The quantity of stuff out there on XML Querying and XML databases is amazing. I thought there was an overwhelming number of open source and commercial implementations of tools to do things in Java, but I think tools to do things in XML takes the cake.

One very cool looking thing I came across: Berkeley DB XML, a native XML database build on Berkeley DB. This might be what I need: it has a Java API.

And, great: there is also a Berkeley DB XML blog (which has an announcement for the latest version, 1.0.16). I wonder what they think about XQuery.

There is a good recent article on on Berkeley DB XML: An Embedded XML Database.

I also came across this extensive index of XML Database Products, and this index of XML Searching Resources.

Oh, and I found another XML standard to add to my list-of-X (XML / XSLT / XPath / XQuery [oh yeah, and XPointer]), that is: XInclude. Actually, it looks like the Berkeley DB XML can be used to do what XInclude does, though it probably doesn't support the XInclude syntax, which is just a recommendation at this point.

(btw, there is also XUpdate, which I know a little about, but if you don't, then you might want to add that to my list-of-X if you are getting wonderings about these things too.)

I wonder what is up these days with Xindice, the Apache native XML database. How does this compare with Berkeley DB XML?

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