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Is this a title?

posted: Jul 11, 2003 9:25:33 PM

This is just trivia about what I did today. And, it is an example of a blog post that doesn't really have a title.

Coincidentally, when I was a librarian developing a cataloging system, I learned that not all library titles have titles. So, in that system, in the absence of an obvious title, we always created a pseudo-title, like "small pamphlet from Delhi about ancient dental hygine practices".

So, I have been working with XMLBeans today, but I haven't gotten as far along as I had planned. I can definitely say that XMLBeans look very good and that I still think this may be exactly what I need for the iCite net prototype.

The reason I didn't get so far along as planned is that, yesterday, I was contacted by a recruiting firm about a possible job placement. I was almost going to go to Petaluma today for a job interview (which would have been a drag because Anastasia is away with the car and I would have had to get there on buses!), but instead, I just ended-up meeting with the recruiter here in the City.

So, I have a job interview coming up on Monday. I will post more about that if anything interesting transpires.

The other thing that I did today was generate my blogger code, which obviously is: B1 d+ t+ k++ s+ u f+ i+ o x-- e l c-

FYI, I got the link to the blogger code from David Czarnecki's blog, where he posted his blogger code today.

David also mentioned today that his blog has a validated Echo [PIE] feed. Usually when someone mentions they validated their site, I think I need to validate my site. Since I don't have the N/Echo/PIE feed yet, I validated my regular ole' RSS 0.92, 1.0. and 2.0 feeds.

So, it looks like my blog's RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds apparently have (according to the RSS validator) invalid dc:date items, which look like: 2003-07-11T15:35:26-0500. The validator says they need to look like: 2002-10-02T10:00:00-05:00 (notice the extra colon near the end, in the time offset).

I will ask David (who is the creator of blojsom, which powers my blog) about this dc:date issue and see if we can figure out whether it's blojsom or the validator that needs a little tweak.

OK, it is about 6pm here and I am thinking Anastasia is on her way home. When she left yesterday morning, she asked if I could wash the dishes because she had to run out. I joked that I would make sure to get them washed—at least before she got home.

And, you probably guessed it: I haven't done the dishes yet, and I should go get them done. Anastasia and I are very compatible at the level of messiness, so I am not worried if she comes home before I clean them up (and, by "them", I mean her dishes from yesterday and all of mine from yesterday and today that I have piled up all over the house as unconsciously as possible).

btw, important advice for all would-be couples or housemates: make sure you all are cool with each other's messiness-factor, or it can be a drag. Hmm, I wonder if something like this would be good advice for those trying to live together in that great blog cabin in the sky?

OK, that's a wrap. Roll the credits . . .

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Comment by: David Czarnecki ·
posted: Jul 11, 2003 10:29:39 PM

The ISO8601 issue will be fixed in the next release of blojsom 1.9.4. I'll probably do that Sunday. After that those feeds will validate. My feeds validate, but then I'm running 1.9.4 on my blog :) Ahhhhh, the beauty of living on the edge.

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