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Hyperlinkomatic: where I am blending my bass right now

posted: Jun 17, 2004 4:10:08 PM

With a name like Hyperlinkomatic, you know you've got to check-out this web bookmark (maybe even social network-ish, bloggie, etc.) site / tool (via BoingBoing). I'm playing with this today, and you can see my so-far published bookmarks here.

Because collaborative bookmarking is one of the possibly interesting uses of the iCite net, I wanted to note a couple things about how hyperlinkomatic (HLOM) and iCites might compare.

Distribution of info: HLOM is a central site that hosts ones bookmarks, plus comments, categories, and timestamps that one associates with a link. With the iCite net, the idea is that one could use a third-party hosting service, but one can also host this kind of information directly on one's own site.

Also, with the iCite net identities, one could host their bookmarks across multiple sites and still see a consolidated view of them. (fyi, one description for the iCite net that I've been toying with lately is "wiki database".) One could even have separate (and shared!) link and comment and category sites viewed as a single site.

Data exposure: HLOM is letting each person tag each link with some interesting info / data, like multiple categories, a comment, and timestamps. That data, however, lives on the HLOM site and is (currently, at least) only exposed through an HTML view.

I wouldn't be surprised if HLOM adds RSS/Atom views and also gives folks a JavaScript method for including one's bookmarks as a linklog (like, but iCites (can) expose *all* of their data, as they are designed with the assumption that this data wants to be copied / cached from one site to another.

So, just as an example, imagine taking my categorized bookmarks and being able to add your own categories to them and publish them on your own site with your and my categories combined.

There are other things that I might compare in terms of the social network model, identity, data structures, and display options. But, I haven't released anything here, and everything I am saying about the iCite net in this post should be considered theoretical at this point.

So, I recommend you go and try out HLOM. It is very well done and shows a lot of potential!

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Comment by: Earl Mardle ·
posted: Jul 5, 2004 3:29:18 AM

I had a look, but its not even close to the functionality and compactness of Furl. My public view is here.

Not only does it enable comments, categories and ratings, but it produces a general RSS feed and, if you filter the web page feed by category, you will find the associated RSS feed is category specific.

It also saves full copies of the document for personal use, exports a zip file or XML document of all your content and coming soon, collaborative Furls.

Great tool.

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