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Blog and site updates

posted: Jun 25, 2003 8:35:49 PM

I just upgraded my blog engine to blojsom 1.92, which was very smooth. I also have updated the related projects page on this site, mostly with links to more semantic web projects / technologies.

I am just starting to play with some of the new features of blojsom 1.92.

With this new version, one of the main things I wanted to use right away was the updated show me more plugin, which lets me have more control over how my blog posts get truncated in my abridged RSS feeds.

This is particularly important because I want to keep the RSS valid XML, which I can do now by making sure the posts get truncated without breaking any XHTML tags / closing tags.

Coincidentally, yesterday I figured out a few things that had crept into my site and blog XHTML that made it invalid, and I did a bunch of clean-up. Today, after I launched with the new version of blojsom, I found that my blog XHTML was invalid again.

The problem was that the extra tag I was using to indicate where to truncate the blog posts was not looked upon kindly by the W3C HTML Validator. I was using <more /> as a tag.

I guess, technically, to add this tag validly, I would have needed to declare a namespace for the tag like xmlns:blojsom=some:urn, and then use the tag like <blojsom:more />. It is amazing how, when working with HTML, in spite of all my SGML / XML background, I totally forget things like this.

But, I found that I could remedy this quickly and kindly another way, by using a comment rather than a tag, and switched to using <!--more-->. So, we are again valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional here.

Now, with this new version of blojsom, I next want to start experimenting with the entry level metadata. I am working on some blog-to-iCite via RSS auto-discovery ideas, and imagining that I could add metadata to a post that could indicate how each blog post should be added to iCite(s).

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