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Pervasive PDF for micro content?

posted: Jun 24, 2003 7:00:12 PM

Tom Yager posted today on the further integration of PDF in the upcoming release of Mac OS X, in his PDF and HTML everywhere. Oh, I mean, on every Mac.

Tom's post is really interesting if you have worked with PDF to create content presentations with qualities that aren't easy to do with HTML, or have otherwise wanted or needed to use PDF because you are working with information outside of the Office formats (Word and PowerPoint, in particular).

It is interesting to consider a scenario something like PDF being as portable and easy to work with as HTML. Of course, in many circumstances, it is the other way around: PDF is more portable and easier to work with than HTML.

But, I am thinking about what some people call micro content: blog posts, paragraphs, and other less-than-page-sized fragments of content that can be interchanged, aggregated, and cited. Right now, HTML + RSS (or XML in general) is where all the action is, in particular with HTML browsers for presentation rendering.

But, what will be possible when PDF rendering is just as easy as HTML rendering? Tom makes some good predictions.

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