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LinkList for blojsom 1.0 released

posted: May 2, 2005 7:26:17 PM

Ah, I haven't had as much time as I thought over the past day to properly announce this, but I've (finally! actually!) released (yes, released!!) version 1.0 of my LinkList for blojsom plugin!

I've updated the documentation, and the files (binary, source, examples, and documentation) are available in the file download section of the iCite net nuggets project on

Ironically, about 10 seconds after I released this, I discovered a little bug in my XFN rel tag generator. So, for everyone in my blogroll currently showing a rel="null" (you can see it if you view source on my blog), um, sorry—I know I need to fix that.

Also, along with the XFN support I've already had up and running on this site, I now have OPML and FOAF output. I plan to do some more interesting stuff with OPML and FOAF in kickitch, but the basic blogroll as OPML and FOAF are working now in LL4blojsom.

Besides wanting to again thank David Czarnecki for his help and input on my working with blojsom, I want to also thank Morten Frederiksen for the example of his WordPress Plugin: FOAF Output, and thank Morten and Danny Ayers for their feedback on LL4blojsom's FOAF output and general encouragement with regards to getting the FOAF/RDF right.

btw, my documentation for LL4blojsom is almost 6,000 words. I think I might be in trouble if, when I create a little plugin, it takes me 6,000 words to describe it :-( What's going to happen when I release something even bigger?

Let me know what you think about the documentation (especially if you use LL4blojsom and really need to make use of the docs). Maybe it's just that many open source projects have a lot less documentation, or maybe blojsom just has a lot of documentation and sets a high standard that I wanted to emulate? (Or, maybe it's just me, since I do have a document-happy profession?)

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Comment by: Anastasia ·
posted: May 2, 2005 7:43:45 PM


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