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Nov 29

In LA for turkey days

Nov 26

Semi-spontaneous unofficial minor gathering of an insignificant yet hypothetically representative slice of a small segment of an effectively random cross-section of the San Francisco blog community (not photographed)

Nov 25

Dr. Bloglove, or how I learned to stop using RSS and love the web

Nov 24

Nick Usborne on home pages optimized for new visitors

Lessig on Wired on owning fiber

Nov 23

Mobile hacked, blojsom WAP

Nov 21

Information architecture as a product feature

Nov 20

S.P.E.W. factor

SharePoint 2 hacking

Nov 18

Mom finds blog

P2P and DNS and iCNS

Church sign generator

Java RSS, wiki, HTTP, proxy, example projects

Unstructured data requires mixed content

Nov 16

Future, forget files

Nov 15

I am off to the PhotopiaSF reception

Nov 14

Late, but "what kind of social software am I?"

Nov 13

Busy blogless blowing bebop

Nov 12

Joi Ito dinner bash

Nov 11

Semantic web, my last word?

Sam's semantic web hootenanny

When White House robots.txt disallow

Nov 9

Hack your worldview

Nov 8

Semantic web systemantics

Ask Lutz is back: on Taxes, Cats and Footwear

Nov 7

Cardinal and ordinal worldviews, more on data and desire (response to David Weinberger, part 2.5)

Nov 6

Freedom from feedom

Nov 5

Turn it on and drive vs the richer interface

I won for creepiest Halloween costume

Nov 4

Personal SOA (service oriented architectures) design

Pillars of successful web teams

Photopia SF photo show, reception

The problem with abundance

Nov 3

Abandoned websites article

Nov 2

I spell my name like a 'merican

Data and Desire, response to David Weinberger, part 2

About data, response to David Weinberger, part 1

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