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May 31

iCites as a way of being social online

I signed up for the PlaNetwork Conference

May 30

Question about RDF Vocabularies

Working on the site today, links to good things

May 29

Jabber FOAF Utilities

Good tutorial on parsing RDF and FOAF

Doc Searls on FCC "Broadcast Drekulation"

May 28

More on three styles of web design

More on FCC ruling

Three styles of web design

May 27

Comments on Web bodies

Problems solved by redefining them

RSS 1.0 (RDF) feed formats

iCite Rights and Creative Commons

Help affect the FCC ruling

May 26

just now: earthquake in San Francisco

bye bye homepage, bye bye website?

May 25

No work today, just fun

May 24

Idea for Weblog API post using RSS

Weblog APIs and RSS as Weblog API

Jamming on music, but some more on RDF

May 23

Working on this site design, example dead-end

RDF Fever

May 22

RDF is in the air

May 21

working on updates to the site

May 20

Majority of human discourse here

May 19

Example: identity iCites

May 18

Things left out of Google

Concert tickets math

May 17

My take on what is "Social Software"

May 16

blog / site was down, now back

May 15

My big fat geek blogroll

More RPC addressibility ideas

May 14

REST and RPC, addressibility questions

Just added blojsim, am posting via Jabber

Good readings this morning

May 13

Some thoughts on an iCite validator

Thinking about URIs and interfaces for iCites

May 12

Blog calendar now works right

Blojsom hacks and updates to this blog

iCites for voting

May 11

Example: iCites and blogrolls

iCite queries, a little background

May 10

The Declaration of Interdependence

May 9

Example: iCites and information architecture

Text ads that value add

May 8

Example: iCites and online discussions

Site update and example of the day

Joke press release here

May 6

Homepage update, a news item

Blog conversion, some lessons learned, part 2

Blog conversion, some lessons learned, part 1

New blog software, changes in URLs, rolling again

May 2

iCites are not blog-centric, and system of ends

Tinkering with blog software

May 1

the promised links are here

Blog software conversion

Going where with the iCite net?

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