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Jul 31

Purple hypertext all through my brain

Russ' vacation to XML world

XHTML the way mom used to make it

Jul 30

Email, the web and the contagious database

Good information architecture / interface articles

The future of website interactions

Jul 29

Primate programming

Now, what were you doing while I was away?

Jul 28

Back from vacation

Jul 17

This blog and blogger currently on vacation, July 17 - 27, be back on the 28th

Mark Pilgrim comments on my RSS/Echo/Atom autodiscovery post

Many, even most, music lovers love music online

Jul 16

Marc on AOL Personal Portals

Blogathon 2003 sounds like fun for you

Matrix XP Parody

Jul 15

Joi on entity and identity, and Jay on profile too

Illegal art exhibit, article and website

OpenURLs and smart iCite URLs

Jul 14

Harry Potter's pirated in Internet editions

Why blogging matters (more than blogs)

Anastasia's photo blog is up on My Expressions

Jul 13

Radha's latest posts from Rwanda

Jul 12

Identifying in and around FOAF

Online music business and technical models

Jul 11

Is my flipster fish the oldest tetra in the world?

Is this a title?

FOAF: semantic web with a smile

The Don Park Watcher

Jul 10

Browser tabs as personal organizer

Checking out the now open source XMLBeans

Linky to Stinky Feet Diaries

Jul 9

IRC: the coolest new technology of 2003

So, two guys named SAML and XACML walk into a bar, looking for ICE . . .

Server side python and getting a grip

EE Kim speaks!

Jul 8

Value-add feeds are like microcontent (lists and packages)

FOAF keeps on truckin'

Want to move to Fiji and code in .Net?

Site / blog stable and up-to-date again

This site has moved to a new server, some files temporarily missing

Jul 7

Deep in XML / Java / Jython / BeanShell land

My site is moving to a new server today

Jul 6

RSS Schedulin' your idea

Mark's dips into XHTML

David reveals blojsom already has necho support

Bazaar experience

Jul 4

Blogchatter and mod_pubsub are neat

Government information awareness (GIA)

blojsom, show me more plugin variant

Jul 3

Asset oriented modeling

And, and site. In particular, I think a site. By a Markov Babbler

Jul 2

Cruisin' for a wallet bruisin'

Jul 1

FOAF gets my OK vote

Action Item Man (returns)

Happy birthday to my brother Dan

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